During his travels, Mr Finney visits a meeting. Do you know what that is exactly? At this meeting - the Springmeeting - lot's of animals come together to talk. Mr Finney was pretty surprised about how this meeting worked. There was lot's of talk, but did the animals really make any decisions?

Meetings are really just moments that people plan to talk about an important subject. Have you ever seen a meeting on tv? Sometimes the people use difficult language and complicated words. And because all the people in the meeting have to think hard about all the subjects, it can take very long before a decision is made. Do you think you would be good at talking about something complicated and making decisions?

Sometimes kids go to meetings too, just like grown-ups. Some communities have special meetings for kids, so they can ask questions about what's going on in their neighbourhood and they can talk to the mayor. Do you have any fun ideas for your own neighbourhood?