Mr Finneys had been on a journey to the mountains! Mountains can be found in lot's of different places on earth, and all these places have their own special features. Did you know the Mount Everest is the highest mountain on eart? The top is 8844 meters high en there is always snow on there.

Jantoon Reigersma, Simon Townsend and Pim van de Horst started a cool project together, called the 9000meter-project. They dove deep into the sea, to 152 meters under the ocean, and they'll be climbing Mount Everest. Between those two spots, they'll have covered 9000 meter! Quite impressive, don't you think? You know what's really cool: Mr Finney joined them for their dive!


The mountains on earth arose long, long ago, and they are still changing. Do you know how that works? The earth is coveren by a layer, called the earth's crust. When two pieces of this crust collide, they push up the crust. This is how mountains are created.

If you want to find out how this works, try this trick. Put both hands on a table cloth, and move them towards each other. Do you see how the table cloth moves up in the air? That's exactly what happens with mountains!