During one of his adventures, Mr Finney took his finmobile out to sea. While het was floating around, het met some very nice dolphins. Dolphins are smart en unique animals. Have you ever seen one? In real life or in an aquarium? Ofcourse, there are also lot's of other interesting animals to be found in the ocean.


Garbage is very dangerous for oceanlife. Big 'islands' of plastic waste float in our oceans, created by all the plastic junk that's drifted to one spot. This is very dangerous for animals like dolphins and turtles, because the plastic can get stuck around their necks, or poison them when they try to eat it. Mr Finney wonders how all this plastic ended up in the ocean...

Sometimes, when an accident happens, oil flows into the ocean. This van occur when two hugo ships crash, or when sometime goes wrong on an oil-rig. The oil is very dangerous for birds, because they get coveren in the greasy stuff and can't use their wings to fly anymore. Poor birds!