Talking about Mr Finney

Children have a great imagination, that can be triggered by reading. By reading to children and talking to them about the issues in the book, their imagination is stimulated. The following questions can be used as inspiration to start talking about Mr Finney and his adventures.

Mr Finney

Mr Finney is the main character of the book. Why do you think this is his name?

Favorite place

Mr Finney loves sitting on the bottom branch of the tree is his garden. Do you have a favorite place, at home or outside? Where is it?


Mr Finney takes good care of his garden. Do you have a garden or balcony or do you go to the forest sometimes? Do you have any pets or plants you take care of? Who helps you?


Mr Finney's best friend is named Snail. Even without talking, they understand each other’s feelings. Who is your (best) friend? What do you do together?

Looking closely

Mr Finney thinks looking and seeing aren't the same thing. Some things are very beautiful, but the beauty can only be seen if you look very closely. Like when the sunlight shines through the branches of a tree, or drops of rain hang on a spiders web. Do you see beautiful things in nature?


Mr Finney wonders sometimes if everyone sees the same rainbow. Have you ever seen a rainbow? Do you know when rainbows appear? Pinky Pepper's favorite color is pink, but that color isn't in the rainbow. Do you know what colors are? What's your favorite?


Mr Finney goes on a trip in his Finmobile. Have you ever been on a journey? Where did you go? Did you go by bike, car, train, boat or airplane? Where would you like to go?


Mr Finney is angry with the squirrel, who keeps throwing the shells of his beech nuts into Mr Finney's garden. What do you think of the solution Mr Finney comes up with? Have you ever been mad at someone? How did you solve the problem?

The earth

By asking questions Mr Finney discovers that not everyone is taking good care of the earth. It's becoming polluted and the animals start to fight. Why were they fighting? Do you think people take good enough care of our planet? What's going well, and what could be improved?


The walrus tells Mr Finney that solutions are closer than you think. We can help keep nature clean. By turning the lights off when you leave a room, or turning of the tap when you're brushing your teeth. What else could we do to keep nature clean and beautiful?